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REEL PREMIUM 65LB BRAID is perfect for applications where a strong, sensitive main line is required. Often used for jigging off shore or on mooching reels with a top shot mono leader. Our 65LB premium braid won't let you down.


REEL PREMIUM BRAID is a high-quality, round, 8-ply braid constructed from ultra thin, high density PE fibers. Designed to hold up in tough fishing  situations, REEL PREMIUM BRAID is abrasion resistant, strong, and durable.


High quality raw PE fibers ensure longevity and performance over time and lead to an elevated knot and linear strength. The engineered braid structure creates a highly abrasion resistance line in the presence of rocks and dense vegetation while maintaining a smooth outer finish, allowing for increased castability and casting distance.


65 lb // 29.5 kg

300 yrd // 275 m

0.016" // 0.41mm dia


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