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With so many jigs on the market today, it is tough to know which ones to grab off the shelf. Some are definitely better than others and play a crucial role in the landing success of a fish.

During the development of Jig Geek, we performed multiple strength tests and tried multiple hook brands. Our jig hooks come right from the manufacturer and are designed to be the toughest sickle

jig hooks on the market.

With an extremely sharp needlepoint, foraged shank, and correct thickness, our hooks are not only strong but have great penetration.


They are made to catch and keep big fish on the line!


Not all jig hooks are created equal, and we didn't just grab ours off the shelf.

Months and months of design, development, and testing went into our hooks to achieve not only a super sharp and strong hook but one that has great penetration.

For jig hooks, the amount of penetration, or depth you get when a force is applied, is governed by a couple of basic factors.

1) Diameter of the wire (thickness)

2) Smoothness of the surface finish near the point (surface friction)

3) The shape of the point (the cone angle)

4) The size of the barb, or lack thereof, and the distance from it to the tip of the point

Of these factors, the wire diameter has the greatest effect on how far a hook will penetrate. There is a mathematical relationship between the wire thickness and the penetration distance.

To break it down in simple terms, if the wire diameter is doubled, it will require four times more force when setting the hook to get the same amount of point penetration.


Therefore, there is a tradeoff between hook thickness strength and the amount of force required to set the hook. Being JIG GEEKS, we've crunched the numbers and performed tests to determine what we believe is a very strong and durable hook with outstanding penetration capabilities.

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